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Save Money on Airline Tickets

Save Money on Airline Tickets

Airline tickets can be pretty expensive if you aren’t familiar with how airlines price those tickets and why.

There are all kinds of ways you can save money when the time comes to buy your airline tickets. You could book them far in advance, choose crappy seats, or subject yourself to many hours worth of layovers at various airports.

Sure not every option is appealing but once you get where you are going, you’ll be glad it was so cheap to get there.

Booking far in advance is always a good way to save money and also guarantees your spot on that flight. If you hold out for cheaper tickets for too long, you might not be able to get on plane and be forced to loiter at the airport until another flight has an empty seat.

Booking in advance is also one of the easiest ways to guarantee you can fly around the holidays.

Crappy seats will always knock a few bucks off of an airline ticket. Nobody wants to sit right by the bathroom in the middle of the aisle. This particular seat usually has a reduced rate if you are flying alone or with a friend but in groups you might get full price.

Flying coach is also a great way to save money. You don’t really need to be in business class do you?

Take both of these and agree to sit a couple hours at each airport between transfers and you can cut the price of your
airline tickets in half.

It’s full price to go from A to B but if you make 3 stops on the way, it gets much cheaper. Just bring along some
form of entertainment and you will make it just fine.

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