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Ski Season Arrives

Ski Season Arrives


Ski season has finally arrived, and here at Villiers we know that lots of you will be very excited by the prospect of a few days on the slopes, with some beautiful winter sunshine to look forward to and a hot glühwein to keep that mountain chill at bay.

We also know that over the Christmas period, you will want to spend every moment you can with your family and friends, and waste as little of your spare time as possible on travelling to and from the best ski resorts.

Just imagine, then, how fantastic first thing in the morning to be in the air 15 minutes after arriving at the airport, and landing much closer to your resort than any commercial airline can manage.

All this means that by chartering a private jet you can be making the most of the snow on the same morning as you fly, and equally get a full days skiing in before flying back to your home at a convenient time on the evening you choose to depart.

So get in touch with us at Villiers, and let us do the hard work – we will make sure that your break begins when you board your plane and that you get the most out of the time available to you this Christmas.  Enjoy!

Prices from London to Verbier start from €13,000 return.

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